Reclaiming Your Power After Abuse

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Reclaiming your power is a bonus you gain on your healing journey.

Abusive and Toxic relationships can create shame and self doubt.

Uncomfortable With Being Uncomfortable

When did you first discover you were uncomfortable with being uncomfortable? What did that moment feel like? We inherit an innate instinct of protecting ourselves, but we have to give ourselves the permission to be protected. I remember the first time I felt, “enough was enough”. In fact, I said just that to myself. I had enough and was finally uncomfortable being uncomfortable, and in this moment I was in the beginning stages of reclaiming my power.

Abuse endured in traumatic and/or toxic relationships slowly chips at your core and dwindles you down to a person you no longer recognize. Because of the constant berating and belittling, you are left feeling powerless to change your situation and hesitant to stand up and fight. You believe all the lies that have been said to keep you tied to this dysfunctional relationship. The trauma bonding becomes so strong that you fail to realize you have created an addiction to the dysfunction. But what happens when you have reached your “enough”? What happens when you have reached your breaking point?

The Awakening

Reclaiming your power after abuse is possible. The moment you have reached your breaking point is the moment you have stepped into your awakening. The intuition that you learned to bury while engaging in the traumatic and/or toxic relationship is now too loud for you to ignore. This is the moment you should truly be grateful as some go through life and never get to this moment of realization. You officially stepped into the realm of reclaiming your power. You now realize that respect is your divine right. It is your divine right to be treated well and it should be a privilege to be in YOUR presence. Who told you that you were not deserving of respect?

Reclaiming Your Power

This is the moment you learn to take up space unapologetically and doesn’t it feel good?!? You are now realizing that your light was shining so brightly that these abusers were working overtime to dim it. Once you get to this point of realization, it is very difficult to go back. Unlearning what you know to be true becomes impossible. You are powerful beyond measure and you are worthy of respect. You have reclaimed your power. Use this new energy and redirect it towards something you have always wanted to do. Thinking of starting a new business? Do it. Do you have some new fitness goal you are looking to achieve? Work towards it. Is there a place you have always wanted to visit? Purchase that ticket. Do whatever it is that will contribute to your overall mental health and well being.

You are reclaiming your power!

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