It’s Time To Get Personal

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I’ve never been a person remotely interested in stepping out on my own and working for myself until I became pregnant with my now 14 month old son. I worked 50+ hours weekly and as a military spouse, most of the parenting fell on me as my husband was often on extended leave out of town for work. There were days I spent two hours total with my son and this played a major role on my mental health and extended my post partum depression as I had no family around and felt I couldn’t take this frustration to work. So what did I do? I put on a mask while helping my clients fix their problems as a behavioral health worker, all the while suppressing my own internal issues. I stopped working out, ate junk and let my mental health fall to the side. I knew I couldn’t continue like this and be a healthy mother, wife or person!


I’ve always been into health and wellness and thought it awesome when companies took initiative to focus on mental health and overall wellness; however, I noticed that there was no one who really coached you through those tough times while at work. It was in that moment I decided to develop multiple curriculums which would later become wellness challenges. My goal was to promote the importance of developing a strong workforce both physically and mentally via various weight loss, mindfulness and fitness health challenges. I partnered with a leading technology company to provide a wellness app and heart rate monitor that participants could use during their workouts to ensure their workouts were effective and efficient. The goal was for companies to hire me to not only provide a platform for health and wellness but also to provide one on one coaching to help participants reach their goals while being motivated weekly.

We spend more hours at work than we do with our own families and through my own personal challenges, I created a goal to create healthier employees who can in turn be healthier parents, partners, spouses and overall healthier community members.

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