My Redemption

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It’s amazing how something so perfect can be birthed from so much pain. It’s 6:30am and I wake up to little slaps across my face accompanied with giggles. “Mommy, it’s time to wake up!” I can imagine my toddler saying as he playfully jumps on me while playing hide and seek with the comforter. It’s amazing how this time last … Read More

Deweaponizing Forgiveness

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What Is Forgiveness? I struggle with the concept of forgiveness. Why? Forgiveness has been misused and abused far too often to count. Many times, I’ve wrestled with myself while ruminating over questions such as, “will I be doomed to a life of regret and bitterness if I never forgive my abusers?” “Will I harbor unforgiveness to the point of physical … Read More

Reclaiming Your Power After Abuse

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Reclaiming your power is a bonus you gain on your healing journey.

Uncomfortable With Being Uncomfortable When did you first discover you were uncomfortable with being uncomfortable? What did that moment feel like? We inherit an innate instinct of protecting ourselves, but we have to give ourselves the permission to be protected. I remember the first time I felt, “enough was enough”. In fact, I said just that to myself. I had … Read More

Voyage ATL Magazine Feature

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Please take a moment and check out my feature in Voyage ATL to understand a little more about Directing Paths LLC and how it came to be!

When Work and Home Collides

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Have you ever had a terrible night of sleep but had a very important meeting that day so you could not afford to use a mental health day? Or maybe you had a nasty argument with a spouse, child or family member and the aftermath filled your thoughts on your morning commute. The harsh reality is the average person spends … Read More

It’s Time To Get Personal

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I’ve never been a person remotely interested in stepping out on my own and working for myself until I became pregnant with my now 14 month old son. I worked 50+ hours weekly and as a military spouse, most of the parenting fell on me as my husband was often on extended leave out of town for work. There were … Read More

Two Secrets to a Healthier Lifestyle

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As we near the year 2020, it’s no secret that diet and exercise are major factors to living healthier lifestyles or fitting into those pair of jeans in the back of the closet (come on, we all have those!). What if I told you that there is more to a healthier lifestyle than just diet and exercise? Intrigued? I’m going … Read More